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About Copiers Africa

Copiers Africa was established in 2009 in the copier market in South Africa with over 20 years in the industry. Copiers Africa has a national foot print across South Africa. Copiers Africa is an Authorized dealer of multiple Brands. Through networks consisting of current contracted agents with tax and financial consulting operations to provide a comprehensive client service, extending to over 600 and growing clients.

Copiers Africa was established in the ever-growing market of Office Automation. A decision was made that clients needed the option of multiple brands options. Each brand specialises in its own market segment and each brand suits different environments. What has become known as choosing a brand thinking that service levels with current brand is not up to standard and presents to costly in the norm in the market when clients are looking for another supplier. Copiers Africa decided to challenge the fact that its not the brand but rather the service provider that is either the issue or the best provider out there.

Copiers Africa has negotiated with all service providers to bring you the end user the best possible prices and solutions that will suit your needs. Having certified printer Engineers and best service practices with the latest automated service levels Copiers Africa has eliminated the worry of service issues and client being over prices or having to go with the wrong brand just because they feel they were let down previously.

Copiers Africa business offering is structured around the provision of productive office automation solutions and IT infrastructure, within small to medium businesses as well as corporate business. Copiers Africa also has a new focus on the government sector and schools as a whole. The basis of which, is showing companies and schools what they are truly spending on consumables such as ink, paper, toners, equipment, labour and comparing it to what they could potentially save through the use of “the right tools for the job” makes Copiers Africa a lean addition to any business, looking at areas of cost saving, optimization and efficiency.

Copiers Africa is you solutions provider that has taken to market to eliminate all the problems you as the end user could suffer in terms of not having the correct Solution. Call us today so we can assist you.

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