All-in-one Printers

All-in-one Printers

Get the Best All in One Printer Deals in South Africa at Copiers Africa


Are you looking for the most affordable all-in-one printer deals in South Africa? Copiers Africa has a wide selection of multifunctional printers for sale. Read more about these products below.


Everything You Need to Know About All-in-One Printers

Have you ever thought about what the term “all in one “actually refers to when it comes to printers? Today, more and more people are making the shift from working in an office environment to home offices. If you are an employee working from home, you probably already have an idea about the great need for a multifunctional printer in your home office. At home, workers are now realizing that it is very difficult to perform tasks such as printing and scanning without the correct printer in their home office.


Printers play a very important role in big corporate companies and in organizations that are operating on a smaller scale. These devices have not changed significantly over the years, but some improvements have been made to them for them to become more efficient and less expensive.


Copiers Africa is an accredited and approved dealer of all brands for printers and copiers in South Africa. Since its inception in 2009, Copiers Africa has grown to reach over six hundred clients and continues to offer its services to new customers daily. Find out more below about all-in-one printers and how they can become an asset in your home office.

EPSON WorkForce WF-7620 All-in-One Printer

Qualities to Look for in an All-in-one Printer for Your Home Office

All in one printer, also known as multifunctional printers, are machines that offer several functions such as printing, scanning, faxing, and copying documents. These printers were created to do it all! People who are looking to upgrade from the use of a general printer should consider investing in a multifunctional printer. They are valued for being able to connect to multiple devices and perform quintessential document solutions at home.


Here are some of the top qualities you should look out for when buying an all-in-one printer for your home office:


  • Wireless Connectivity

When you are looking for a great all in one printer to purchase, it is important to find out if your preferred printer can connect to a wireless network. Connecting your printer to a wireless network means that you can easily print documents straight from Google Cloud, Dropbox, or anywhere for that matter. Printers that cannot connect to a wireless network act as a stand-alone device.


  • What functions does your all-in-one printer offer?

Another quality that you should pay close attention to regarding all-in-one printers is the functionality of the printer. Multifunctional printers get their name because they can perform more than one task. Be sure to check if your all-in-one printer can perform tasks such as scanning, printing, or even transform hardcopy documents into electronic formats.

  • The speed of your all-in-one printer

It is essential to know the speed of your printer when you are printing on a laser or inkjet printer. Things such as images, colour, and formatting can reduce the printing speed. Take time to read reviews online about the printer before making a hasty purchase.


All in one printer are a great asset to have in a home office. Their multifunctional purpose improves document printing by putting all of the tools required into one single machine. View our selection of all-in-one printers on our website today.

EPSON Expression Premium ET-7700 EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer

Benefits of Using an All-in-one Printer in Your Home Office

An all-in-one printer can help home works to become more flexible with their work practice. These machines also support remote working by allowing the user to perform more than one task with a single machine.


The shift from working in an office to remotely working from home has defiantly played a big role in the sudden demand for home office equipment. Working remotely could mean that you will be missing out on the chance to use some of the automatic functions you had accessible to you in your working environment. Purchasing an all-in-one printer has many benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using an all-in-one printer in your home office:


  • All in one printers make it easy for home workers to have full control of their printing activities during working hours. Having control over all of your printing activities are far much easier when it all takes place on one single device. Using a multifunctional printer leads to the security of information.
  • Companies are always trying to look for new ways to save money. Using a multifunctional printer enables the user to cut printing costs and save time. The amount of money you would spend on individual tasks such as printing, faxing and scanning can be put together to purchase a multifunctional printer. You can never go wrong when you choose to invest in an all-in-one printer for your home office.
  • Having an all-in-one printer will allow you to successfully manage your documents in a more organized manner both physically and digitally as well.
  • As a user of an all-in-one printer, you have the benefit of learning how to use only one interface. These machines are known to be user-friendly. Most multifunctional printers come with functions such as a touchscreen and a simple navigational system which makes it easy for people to use the printer.


Call Copiers Africa for Great All in One Printer Deals in South Africa

We, at Copiers Africa, take pride in providing our customers with multiple brand options to choose from. Each of the brands that we associate our company with has its target market and requirements that suit different clients in the market. Our office automation solutions exceed others that you may find. We understand the needs of our customers and aim to provide only the best solutions in South Africa.


If you are interested in any of our affordable all in one printer deals, be sure to give us a call on 087 195 2108 today. All of our customers are also welcome to send us a message online. All you have to do is fill in your details on the online form on our website before submitting your message to us. We will then have one of our professional staff members get back to you as soon as possible.

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