Common Copier Problems and Solutions in 2022

copier problems and solutions

Common Copier Problems and Solutions in 2022

Common Copier Problems and Solutions in 2022


A copier is arguably one of the hardest working machines in many offices around the world. Some of the most essential administration tasks simply cannot be done without copiers, making this an unmissable part of most companies and businesses.

When a copier comes to a screeching halt, so might the activities in your office. However, there are common problems with copiers that you might be able to fix yourself before calling in the experts. Knowing the basics of fixing a copier will most certainly save you time and money, not having to wait for a technician to come out and fix this essential item in your office.

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In this article, we will explore some of the most common copier problems and solutions in 2022.

how to fix copier problems yourself

How to fix Copier Problems Yourself


Your copier has a paper jam


A paper jam is an extremely common problem which you could experience in your copier. It might seem like an impossible task to fix yourself, but there are a few steps you can take to resolve this issue.

Some of the possible causes of a paper jam could include the incorrect type or thickness of paper, having loaded the paper incorrectly, or not cleaning the copier thoroughly, which could cause dust to build up inside the copier. A paper jam can also be caused if too many pages are placed inside the paper tray.

To fix a paper jam, remove the jammed paper and reload the sheets. Ensure that you use the correct paper size and alignment. It is important to pull out the jammed paper slowly, to ensure that the paper does not get torn, which will result in small pieces of paper stuck in the copier.

As an extra precaution, avoid leaving the paper in the tray over extended periods, as the paper might absorb moisture. Remember to adjust the copier’s settings when using different types of paper, and always be sure that the drawer guides are tightly aligned with the edges of the paper.

If you use paper with torn edges, folded corners, or staples, a paper jam might be on the cards, so avoid these at all costs.


Your copies have unwanted streaks or lines


Sometimes it is of utmost importance to create copies that are crisp and clean in order to maintain your company’s professional image. Copying documents only to find that they contain unwanted streaks or lines might leave you with a red face.

Fortunately, this might be quite an easy issue to solve. These streaks and lines are probably caused by particles and dirt on the glass or mirrors of the copier but could also be due to a malfunction of the drum blade.

The first thing you might want to do is to clean the glass, using a soft, microfiber cloth that will not cause any scratches. If the lines and streaks are still present on your copies, make a copy, put the paper on the glass, and align it with the line. Then you can look for any dirt or particles on the glass and remove them using the cloth.


Your copies aren’t dark enough


If you are struggling with copies that are too dark or too light, ensure that the density setting on the copier is adjusted to your preferences. If the problem persists, check whether the toner needs to be replaced. Doing this will have your copies looking fresh in no time.

If you are low on toner and urgently need to make copies for the office, you could try taking the toner cartridge out of the copier and giving it a shake. This is a temporary fix if you need to make copies for that important meeting that starts in five minutes.


The copier is producing unusual noises or smells


The sound of a copier is quite natural in an office setting, but once your copier starts making unusual noises, like cracking, creaking, or whistling, you should check the paper trays. Try to look for any objects that should not be there and remove any visible obstructions. Once you have removed the object you can try to copy it again. If the noise continues, it might be a good idea to call in the help of a professional.

The same goes for unusual smells. If you ever smell something burning, turn off the copier immediately as this might be caused by faulty wires. In this case, it is also best to request the services of a technician.


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