Can Price be an Indicator of a Copiers Quality?

can price be an indicator of a copiers quality

Can Price be an Indicator of a Copiers Quality?

Can price be an indicator of a copiers quality?


The short answer is no, but with a qualification. In general most global copier brands produce similar quality when compared to the same models that are available in the product ranges. However, there are many factors that need to be considered when buying a copier.

Some scientific studies have found that there are several informational signals that consumers use to make snap judgments about a product’s quality. Some indicators are intrinsic to the product, like colour or size, while some indicators are external to the goods such as the shop’s appearance and the brand’s image. Price can be an intrinsic or external indicator as the evidence suggests that consumers will use price as a way of comparing products, product quality, or value for money.  There is no conclusive evidence that these decisions are subjectively based on the intrinsic qualities and value of the product.


Does the price of a copier indicate its quality?


Some product features will affect the price


Apart from consumer perception, the nature and extent of your business and your resources will also impact your choice of a copier brand and model and the prices you pay.

When it comes to printing and copying, the volume will help you determine the speed you need, the paper capacity required for your copier, and whether you need a single, fast device or numerous slower machines.

Do you want to copy and print your own marketing material which will require high-resolution output, allow different types of print material and affect the toner yield? Will the output be standard-sized paper or include other materials like envelopes? In general, these features will add to the price of your copier.

Colour may enhance consumer interactions, but it also comes at a higher processing fee. To save money, use black-and-white printers if you don’t need to print in colour or graphics.

If you need to digitise your documents, you will need an appropriate scanner to handle the quantity and the quality you need to scan and archive. Many copiers have features like hole-punching, stapling and folding that will boost productivity, but at a price.

Do you need additional security features like access control such as biometrics or user codes to protect the copier hard drive? Can you connect wirelessly and are your connections secure?


Service provider features are important


The majority of copier brands are capable of performing the same functions for any corporate situation. The degree of copier servicing and support given by the firm from whom the copier is purchased will be a distinguishing element that will decide whether or not the end-user is satisfied with the copier. This may not have a direct bearing on the price, but will affect the reputation of the brand and therefore the cost of value as perceived by the consumer.

Some key factors that will have an impact on the service delivery need to be taken into consideration.




Where is your service company located and how close are they to your business premises? For customers, the speed at which a repair service responds to their requests is critical. At the end of the day, the capacity to be on-site at your business in a timely manner is more important than them taking your call.


Staff experience and technical expertise


It takes years of training and experience for a copier service technician to attain a high level of proficiency, and then keep up with all the technological developments and improvements. Ask about the training and experience of the local service manager as well as any field technicians who may be called upon in a service emergency.


Spares and parts


Many office equipment repair shops keep just a small number of replacement parts and supplies on hand and instead depend on special orders. Customers may have to wait longer for repairs if copier service providers use this method of inventory management. Ask to see the parts and supplies maintained on hand for the model being evaluated for purchase when you visit the supplier’s site to obtain a sense of the number of readily available parts and supplies.


Credibility and trustworthiness


Is the supplier known for meeting their promises and commitments effectively and on time? In the free market, every business may make whatever claim it wants, and these claims may or may not be true. Ask for up to 10 references from businesses in your neighbourhood to see how satisfied customers are with the service they are receiving. Not only will their answers be indicative of their service quality, but also the customers’ willingness to respond to your request.




The reliability of some models outweighs the reliability of others, and each manufacturer has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, these aren’t the most significant factors when purchasing or leasing a copier. You will discover that there is probably no one best copier; rather, there is just the best copier for you at a price you can afford after you have gone through your requirements and what the different copiers have to offer.

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