How Often Should I Replace My Copier Machine?

How Often Should I Replace My Copier Machine?

How Often Should I Replace My Copier Machine?


When it comes to the different types of office equipment and their functionality in a business, a copier is one of the most trustworthy and hardworking machines used in the world of work. If you own a small business or manage a big enterprise, you would know that copiers come in handy when there is a big need for high-volume paperwork that needs to get done. But if these machines are not in good working conditions, it could potentially slow down operations in the workplace. Replacing your copier machine with a brand-new model could become costly. In this article, we discuss how often you should replace your copier machine at work. Read more below


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Identify the Need for a Copier in Your Business

Even in the smallest businesses, there are times when there is a need to complete high volumes of paperwork. A copier machine can save you money, time, and stress by providing assistance with making copies of important documents. If you find yourself in the position of deciding on buying a brand-new copier machine as a replacement for one that is not functional, the first factor to take into consideration would be the need and demand for this machine in your business. This requires you to take a closer look into the functionality of your business and how that aligns with the importance of a fully functional copier within the overall structure.


Some of the advantages that business with functional copiers benefits from include:



Having copier machines readily available for employees to use as they need will increase efficiency in the business. Having a copier machine in your business makes it easier for employees to make photocopies of important documents that can be used for reference at a later stage.

Saves money for the business

Each and every single business is always looking for opportunities that will save their company money and time. Having a copier machine allocated in your working environment means that you will no longer have to spend the business finances paying other companies to make copies using their machine.

Increase in productivity

It does not matter how big or small your organization is, what does matter is having the right tools to complete the job. Investing in a good-quality copier machine will ensure that your employees are more productive at work. One of the greatest things about a copier machine is that it provides additional services over and above its ability to make photocopies of documents. Having a copier in your business to take care of all the paperwork means that your employees have more free time to focus on the needs of the customers at large.


Once you have spent time identifying the overall need for a copier machine in your business, if you decide that it plays a less important role in your company’s daily operations, it means that your company can go a long time without having to replace it. On the other hand, if you decide that your businesses functionally depend on having a working copier for the business, then it would be best advised to immediately replace your machine to avoid any disruptions at work.


Identify the Problem with Your Copier Machine

Once you have identified the need for a copier in your business and have decided that there is a big demand for this machine at work, the next step would be to determine the actual problem with your copier machine and when it started to occur.


In most businesses where the use of a copier machine is limited, they are most likely to take longer to notice any faults with the machine. There are other cases, however, where copier machines are taken in for a service repair within a week of purchase due to some fault with the machine.


Some of the most common problems you may identify in your copier include, but are not limited to:


Paper jamming

Paper jamming is one of the most frequent issues you would face with a copier machine. Paper jamming occurs when the wrong type of thickness of the paper is loaded into the machine. Paper jams are usually a result of a poorly set up machine and can cause a backlog. If your copier is continuously jamming, you should consider sending it for maintenance work or replacing it with another copier.

Cartridge or ink toner issues

If you are not advised on the correct cartridge or toner for your machine, chances are that you will face some difficulty in the near future. Using an incorrect cartridge can result in poor printing or copying quality. Malfunctioning toner issues occur in your copier machine when there are compatibility issues. Be sure to contact a specialist to take a look at your machine should this continue to be an issue.

Other problems that you may find continually occurring with your copier matching include the fact that copies are either too light or too dark, discoloured printing, finding spots being copied on the page, and wrinkled paper.


If you have decided it is time to replace your copier machine with a new or refurbished machine, be sure to contact Copier Africa today. Our team is always ready to assist you with all of your office automation and IT infrastructure needs that will help to eliminate problems in your working environment.

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