How to Choose a Copier for a Small Business

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How to Choose a Copier for a Small Business

Copiers Africa Provides some of the Best Copiers for Small Business Operations. Get Yours from a Well-Established Dealer in South Africa Today


Are you looking to buy the best copier for small business operations? Copiers Africa is an authorized dealer that supplies customers in South Africa with top-quality copier machines from some of the most reputable brands on the market. Find out some tips on how to choose the best copier machine for you and read about the top copiers for small businesses below.


Copiers Africa has more than twenty years of experience as a dealer in copier machines. Since its inception in 2009, the company has been providing its customers with copiers from different brands. Each brand has its own established target market and supplies copiers for different environments.


All of the products sold on our platform is aimed at medium to small businesses, as well as corporate companies within the country too. The company also places its attention on government organizations and schools too, with the purpose to educate these sectors on the importance of using the correct machines for the job at hand.

Some of the top brands that our company is associated with include, but are not limited to:

  • Canon
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Brother
  • Konica Minolta


Request a quote on any of our products today by filling in all of your details on the online form. Once you have completed the form, be sure to click submit. We will have one of our professional staff members get back to you as soon as possible.

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Tips to Choose the Best Copier Machine for You

Finding the best office equipment can prove to be a challenging task, especially for small businesses. Every business, no matter big or small, does require the use of a copier in order to complete certain tasks for the business. As long as some photocopying work is required in your small business, you would need to look at investing in a copier machine as soon as possible.


The quality of the copier machine you need generally depends on the type of business operations and the people using the machine. But, how do you know which machine is best for a small business?



 Read some of our top tips on choosing the best copier below:


  • Have an idea of what types of copies you will be making

One of the most important tips to keep in mind when shopping for a copier machine is to know what type of copies you will be making in your business. Do you need a machine that will print in black and white or colour? Black and white photocopy machines are far less expensive than colour printing machines. This is due to the fact that black and white machines only require one type of toner whereas a colour copier machine uses four different toners. Sometimes, a small business will require the use of a copier that does both coluor and black and white copies. This is why it is important to know the purpose of your copier machine.


  • Know what paper size you need to print copies on

Most copier machines can take a paper size of eight and a half inches x eleven inches, this is known as a letter-sized paper. If your small business requires copies made on larger paper sizes, it is best to look into other copier machine options that are available.


  • Determine how much the copier machine will cost to operate

As a small business, it is vital that you keep your expenses in check. This will help you to keep control of your costs and know how much money you are spending instead of investing in your business. The cost involved in owning a copier machine is far higher than purchasing one. This is due to the fact that you have to continue by supplies such as paper and toner for it to work and sometimes maintenance is required on the machine too.



By keeping all of this in mind will help you to find the most affordable copier that does exactly what’s require for your small business.


Copiers that are always jamming out of order can result in poor productivity at work. By investing in the right copier machine for your small business, it will enhance your working experience. Get in touch with Copiers Africa today to find the best copier machine for your business.


Our Selection of Copier for Small Businesses

In order to successfully choose the best copier machine for your small business, one should first take a look at factors such as the needs of your employees and what tasks they are performing each day. Small businesses usually have a lot of paperwork that requires printing to be done.


Below we take a look at some of the copiers that are most suitable for a small business:


·        CANON IR C3525I

This copier machine is one of the most powerful out there. Known to be a multifunctional machine, the Canon IR C35251 can connect to a network, this machine can print from a number of devices, making it possible for you to get all of your copying work done effortlessly. This copier allows the user to perform tasks such as printing, copying, and scanning.


·        SAMSUNG SLX4250LX

The SAMSUNG SLX4250LX copier machine comes equipped with USB network connectivity that allows the user the easily make copies or print from this machine. This laser multifunctional printer will provide your small business with the advantage of convenience in one single unit


Copiers Africa aims to provide its customers with the most cost-effective solutions to satisfy their copying and printing needs. The company has some of the most qualified engineers on standby to assist you. Browse through our selection of products to find the best copier for small business operations today. To find out more about each product, contact our customer services team on 087 195 2108 for more assistance. We look forward to helping you find the right copier machine for you.



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