Leasing vs Buying Copiers


Leasing vs Buying Copiers

Choosing Leasing vs Buying Copiers – How to Decide What’s Best for Your Business


Are you looking into the possibility of investing in a copier machine for your office but are not sure to choose leasing vs buying copiers for your business? In this article, we discuss some of the advantages of buying and renting copier machines, and we will also take a look at the main difference between these two options.


Deciding whether to buy or rent a copier machine really depends on your business and copying needs. One question that you may want to ask yourself regarding buying or renting, “Is it time for an upgrade on my machine? “The answer to this question will help you to determine if you should be looking at buying that upgraded model or choose a short-term solution such as renting.


For the past twenty years, Copiers Africa has been providing South Africans with the best prices on the market. We are an authorized dealer for different brands of copiers in the country. Our company acts like a hub that offers the services of providing the most popular copier brands to potential buyers across the world. Speak to our team of professional staff members today to find out more about copiers for sale or rent today.


Advantages of Buying a Copier Machine for Your Office Space

Many office suppliers would want you to rent their copiers from them. While this may seem like a tempting offer, choosing to buy a copier will offer long-term value for your business. Here are some of the top advantages you can expect to experience when buying a copier:


  • If you choose to buy a copier you will be saving lots of money in the long run. Although most people will choose to rent a copier, it does cost more money in the long run. Pay the big amount of cash once-off and choose to buy a copier if you want to save money.
  • People who buy copier machines are not legally bound to a contract. Once the copier machine is purchased by you, you become the sole owner of it.
  • If you choose to buy a copier you do not have to worry about paying penalty fees. When a person chooses to lease a copier, the rental agreement will state that they have to pay penalties if they decide to terminate the contract. When you buy a copier there is no contract because you are the owner of the machine, therefore you do not have to worry about being charged with any penalty fees.


Deciding between buying or renting a copier for your business will require you to choose the option that will work best for your company’s needs. Technology is ever-evolving. It is important to keep this factor in mind when making your decision. For a business that does have the finances to break off, choosing to buy a copier would be their best bet. However, if you are a small business looking to take care of your copying needs, it may be better to choose to rent a copier according to your demand for the machine. High price points and the ongoing maintenance requirements for these machines may lead a small business to suffer great financial drawbacks should they choose to buy a copier.


Copiers Africa has a wide variety of copiers available for sale in South Africa. We provide our customers with the best office automation systems and solutions. No matter how big or small your company is, we have copiers that will suit your business needs. Let us help you distinguish between leasing vs buying copiers today. Contact us on 087 195 2108 today or request a quote online You can also send us a message too. Send your queries to us by filling in the spaces provided on our website. We look forward to helping you find a copier for sale or rent soon.

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Understanding Leasing vs Buying Copiers – What is the Difference Between the Two Options?

One of the main differences between buying and renting a copier machine would have to be the financial implications of these actions. If you choose to buy a copier, you would be expected to pay an upfront fee in order to purchase the machine. However, once you have settled this payment, you are the owner of the copier machine and you can use it as you wish.


On the other hand, renting a copier means that you would be liable for making small monthly payments for the duration of the renting agreement.


Buying office copiers is a long-term investment that will allow you to hold ownership over this office equipment for an extended period of time. Leasing simply means that you will have access to the copier but only for a limited amount of time.


Advantages of Renting Copiers

As with any other investments, it is best to consider all of your options before deciding to buy or rent a copier. To help you make your decision, we have outlined some of the advantages of renting copier machines below:


  • There are different payment plans that one can choose from when deciding to rent a copier. You can choose the plan that best first in your pocket. Renting makes it possible for you to not worry about paying large sums of money upfront, instead, you can make smaller payments for the duration of the rent contract.
  • Renting a copier machine is far more flexible than choosing the option to buy. You can align your renting term with the business and copying needs.
  • When you choose to rent a copier machine, you do not have to worry about maintenance and repair issues.


If you are interested in renting a copier machine, why not rent from Copiers Africa. Our company understands the need to save money in a small business or corporate company. For this reason, we offer different renting options at the most affordable price. View our printers and copiers for rent on our website today.

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