Making the Decision of Which Copier to Buy

how to choose which copier to buy

Making the Decision of Which Copier to Buy

Making the Decision of Which Copier to Buy

Every business needs a copier machine. Whether it’s your first machine or you are looking to replace the outdated copier, the choice can be difficult. With the wide range of brands, different functions, and methods of operation, it is to be expected.

Here we’ll point out a couple of things that are important to consider when trying to decide which copier to buy.


Your printer should save you time. Printing speed is not the only aspect that takes time. There are a lot of other factors to keep in mind. The time it takes to start up and print the first page should also be a speedy process. You should consider a printer that exceeds the needs of your company to accompany the possibility of growth. Always choose a printer that is user-friendly. A complicated machine with excessive features might just become a frustration.


A relatively slow copier will process around 10 pages per minute. The fastest copiers on the market today can print up to 100 pages per minute. This of course is a little more advanced than most companies need. You don’t need the biggest, faster copiers, but must be able to keep up with the demand in the office.


Another element to consider is the size of the paper tray and ink or toner cartridge volume. In a busy office, it will waste time if the cartridges and paper trays have to be refilled too often. It is wise to keep an adequate amount of paper and toner or ink in the storage cabinet. Remember that toner and ink may have different storage requirements.


Toner laser printers and ink inject printers function differently. Toner cartridges are more expensive than ink cartridges, but a typical toner cartridge will print many more pages than a typical ink cartridge. Also consider that ink is a wet product and if not used in due time it can dry, rendering it useless. Toner is a powder, and therefore it can be stored longer than ink, except that it has been reported that moisture and humidity can make clots and block the machine.


Numerous companies choose to rent their copiers and printers on a long-term plan or month-to-month contract. The main reason for doing this is because technology is progressing so fast that it is easy to fall behind and have an outdated printer. You also don’t have the responsibility of servicing your machine or wonder where you’ll get support when you need it. You even have the option to rent to own your copier.

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