How to Choose Which Refurbished Copier to Buy in South Africa

How to Choose Which Refurbished Copier to Buy in South Africa

How to Choose Which Refurbished Copier to Buy in South Africa

How to Choose Which Refurbished Copier to Buy in South Africa

In the digital world that we live in, you may have noticed that brand new copier machines are marked at an extremely high price on the markets. Most businesses do not have that kind of cash readily available on hand to make such a purchase. This is why it is a good idea to look at all of your buying options beforehand. Refurbished copier machines work just as well as a brand new one, and they are sold for a fraction of the price. Read more about how to choose which refurbished copier to buy in South Africa below.

Copiers Africa is known as South Africa’s leading supplier for all office automation and IT solutions in the country. Our business was first established in 2009 and has since grown to offer its services to more than six hundred clients.  Today, our business continues to grow. We are an authorized dealer of multiple brands. This means that we provide our customers with quality products for sale from some of the most respected brands in our field. Some of the brand’s products we have available come from Brother, Samsung, and Konica Minolta.

Besides our range of brand new copiers for sale, we also have a selection of high-quality refurbished copier machines on offer too. These are used machines that offer just as good of a service as a brand new one would. Some people may be hesitant to invest in a refurbished copier machine but what’s great about these refurbished items is that they are first inspected by a professional team member and all of the worn-out parts are replaced before they are declared fit for sales.

Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Copier Machine

Choosing a Refurbished Copier


If you are considering buying a refurbished copier machine for your business, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. When you buy these machines, the idea is that they will work as well as a brand new model. And that’s exactly what you will get.


But, it is important to carefully consider these factors when choosing a refurbished copier in South Africa:

Choose a refurbished copier that comes with a guarantee


One of the most important things you need to make sure of when buying a refurbished copier machine is that the item comes with a comprehensive guarantee or warranty in place.

This will cover you from any breakdowns that can occur on the machines within a certain period of time. Remember to always try and negotiate with the seller for an extension on the guarantee time span and make sure that it covers the majority of the parts on the machine.

It is manufactured by a respectable brand?

Another tip that will ensure success when you are choosing a refurbished copier to buy in South Africa is to make sure that it is manufactured by a well-represented brand. This will help you to make certain that the refurbished copier you are interested in does work properly and if you need support, they will be ready to assist you.


Does the refurbished copier machine feature any functions that you need?

As a buyer of a refurbished copier machine, you need to make sure that it offers all of the features that you need it to have and that those features are in a fully functional order before you buy the machine.

It does not help your business to spend less money on a copier that does not meet your business requirements. Make sure to find out more about the features on the machine before you buy it and also enquire if they all are in a functional state too.

If you are interested in buying a good-quality refurbished copier machine in South Africa, make sure to view our selection on our website today. We offer our customers refurbished copiers that have been through an extensive quality check beforehand and you can rest assured knowing that these machines won’t break down easily. Please feel free to give us a call to find out more about our range of refurbished copiers for sale.

Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Copier Machine


Businesses are always looking for ways to try to reduce costs in the company. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by investing in a refurbished copier machine. The current increase in office automation solutions forces many businesses, especially small to medium-sized companies, to consider alternative options when it comes to shelling out cash to invest in the machines they need.


Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to when you choose to buy a refurbished copier instead of a brand new one:


  • Reliability

Refurbished copier machines are still very usable. Just because they are refurbished does not mean that there is a fault with the machine. It could mean that the previous model was upgraded too. Refurbished copiers are reliable because they provide the user with the same level of service a new copier would.


  • They are cost-efficient

Buying a Refurbished Copier machine means that you will spend much less money on this item as opposed to a brand new one. The money you saved can help your business in other ways.


  • They work well in all companies, big or small

It does not matter what size company you have a refurbished copier will be a good investment in any type of business that has high volumes of documents that need copies on a daily basis.

At Copiers Africa, we take pride in providing our customers with the best service in the country. We treat our customers with the same levels of service and care that we pour into our refurbished copiers for sale. Visit us today to find out more about these machines.

You can also request a quotation online by filling out the online form and submitting it back to us. We look forward to providing you with the best-refurbished copier for sale.

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