Refurbished Copier Machines

Refurbished Copier Machines

What to Know about Refurbished Copier Machines: The Advantages & Disadvantages


Copiers Africa was first launched in 2009 to provide customers with copiers and printers from some of the most reputable brands in the copiers market. It is our job to negotiate with different brands and suppliers to bring you the best office automation solutions in South Africa. Read more information below about our selection of quality refurbished copier machines for sale and rent in South Africa and to find out what the advantages and disadvantages of refurbished copier machines are.


Affordable Refurbished Copier Machines

Whether you are running a small business from home or working in a large corporation, copiers are an important tool for all businesses. These machines allow us to perform tasks such as scanning, creating, and duplicating documents in large quantities and so much more. The fact is that most organizations have at least one copier machine in their business, but choosing between buying a brand-new copier or opting for a refurbished model can become a daunting task. Refurbished copiers for sale in this market, are also referred to as repossessed, second hand, remanufactured, or reconditioned copier machines.


Copiers Africa supplies their customers with refurbished copiers to buy or for renting purposes. Our machines are sourced from the most trusted brands in the market, including the likes of Canon, Toshiba, and Konica Minolta. Browse through our selection of refurbished copiers on our website today.

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Are Refurbished Copiers Safe to Work With?

If you have ever shopped around for new copiers, you may be surprised at home much these machines actually cost brand new. If you do not have that kind of cash lying around, it is a wise idea to consider buying or renting a refurbished model for a fraction of the price. Refurbished copiers are completely safe to work with. These machines are simply used tools that have been through a service to replace some worn-out parts of the machine. It could mean that the copier needed an upgrade for a faster model or a new part was installed. Once these parts have been replacing, these machines are safe to use and can perform all of the tasks any new copier would do.


When it comes to buying a repossessed copier, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind would have to be the source you are purchasing these machines from. Buying refurbished copiers from a reliable company will ensure that you are getting great value for your money and not some used machine that’s on the verge of breaking.


We at Copiers Africa, take pride in supplying functional reconditioned copiers to small, medium, and large companies across the country. Get in touch with us today to find you the best solutions to your copying and printing needs.


New Copiers vs Preowned Machines

Buying or renting a copier machine is a great investment in any company. New copiers can prove to be expensive machines, especially if you do not have the money to spend. Reconditioned copiers work just as well as a new copier would.


When deciding between a new or remanufactured copier, it is important to keep in mind factors such as the copier’s feature, parts, and any potential upgrades that have been done on the refurbished copier machine.


Many features are built-in to newer models of copiers that would not necessarily be in older ones similar to its kind. Getting a new copier for your business would mean that you will have a modern device.


A great benefit of using refurbished copiers in your business is that all previous defects in the machine have been fixed before you using the machine.


Be sure to keep in mind how you intend the copier machine in your business. Having the answer to this question will assist you to decide between investing in a new copier or choosing to go for a reconditioned version.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Refurbished Copiers

Just because refurbished copiers are not completely new, it does not mean they should be disregarded at all. Although these machines have been previously used, they do still have plenty of services to provide. If you are considering buying or renting a reconditioned copier for your business, read all about the pros and cons of these machines below:



  • Buying or renting refurbished copiers saves money

It is no secret that choosing a refurbished model over a brand-new copier machine will ultimately save you big bucks in the future. These machines have been working great long enough to make them reach the refurbished category, and are therefore considered to be trusted machines.


  • Functionality

Although most people tend to overlook the efficiency of refurbished copiers, there is no doubt that these machines can guarantee functionality in your business. Choosing to buy or rent a reconditioned copier in your business will allow you to perform the same tasks that a new machine would for the fraction of the price.


  • Refurbished copiers are environmentally friendly products

Choosing to print your documents with a refurbished copier is a great way to successfully print and copy your material while also contributing towards saving the environment. Refurbished copiers avoid an increase in landfill waste because of the fact that the scrap parts from the old copier would not be thrown in the garbage, instead, they will be recycled and used again.



  • Maintenance

Something that should not be overlooked is the fact that these machines do come with some hidden costs such as maintenance fees. Some refurbished copiers do require extra care to ensure that they function properly. Be sure to enquire about this before committing to buy or rent a second-hand copier.


  • Warranty

When you purchase a new copier machine, it usually comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers any breakdowns that occur to the machine over a certain period. However, in the case of refurbished copiers, the dealer will only offer a limited warranty for a shorter time. Be sure to negotiate an extended warranty that covers most parts of your refurbished copier machine.


Get in touch with Copier Africa today for the most affordable and reliable refurbished copier machines for sale and rent in South Africa. We take pride in offering our customers high-quality copiers for the best price on the market.

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