The 12 Best Copiers for Small Businesses

The 12 Best Copiers for Small Businesses

Small businesses are a hub of activity. They are full of big ideas and an undeniable drive to make big things happen, but they sometimes lack the capital they need in order to get going.

Initially, depending on the type of work that you do, you will more than likely need a printer when you launch your small business. What you probably won’t need is the biggest, most advanced version of the machine.

Luckily, with the sheer number of copiers out there these days, you can easily find the perfect printer that will fit both your budget and your needs. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best copiers for small businesses. You might also be interested in our list of the 11 best semi production copiers for 2020.

What you should be looking for

Before we jump into the list of printers available, you should take the following purchase factors into consideration:

  • Price: It goes without saying that you need to be realistic about the price and only choose that printer which fits your needs and your budget. You can always upgrade later on. You can also opt to go for a rental, which has many advantages. Here you can have a look at our multifunctional copiers for sale or rent.
  • Networking: Is the printer able to connect to the web? These days, even the most affordable printers have Wi-Fi capabilities which can be immensely beneficial. You should make sure that the networks are compatible with your current systems.
  • Easy to use: The easier the system is to use, the better. When checking out reviews and features, find out what is said about how easy the system is to use.

The 12 Best Copiers for Small Businesses (in no particular order)




For any small business, the ideal printer is the multi-functional one. They give you more for your money and if you buy one from a brilliant brand like Toshiba, you can be sure that it will be reliable for years to come. This copier offers high speed printing, duplex printing capabilities and is perfect for small offices.






If you are looking for a laser all-in-one printer (which you should), then this is the one for your small business. The benefits of having this system is that it is easy to install, has a rather high copy speed and an easy to adapt to interface.




  1. CANON IR C3525I


Canon has for a long time had a solid reputation for producing exceptional printers and this machine is perfect for those looking for a printer with many functions. As a multifunctional printer, with an adaptable network connectivity set up, those who opt for this machine can look forward to printing from various devices while enjoying immense security.




  1. ECOSYS M8124cidn

ECOSYS M8124cidn


Another copier that is perfectly suitable for the small office, this machine can push out 24 pages a minute, which is ideal for small companies. Like similar printers, this machine is designed to save power by consuming low amounts of energy and by having long-life inner components.





As a colour laser multifunctional printer, there is not much more you could ask for when you have this printer working for your small business. Equipped with USB and Network connectivity, can print up to 6000 pages a month, and prints both A3 and A3 copies, this printer is also quite well priced for its functions.




  1. C7020


Equipped with a copier, a scanner and the ability to handle high print volumes, the Xerox is one of the best known printers on the market and is of course one worth looking at it you want to minimise cost and still enjoy all the benefits of having a top notch machine. This machine has a touchscreen control panel, with various helpful apps which will allow the user to customise their printing experience and it has a high toner and printing capacity for a system of this size.




  1. OLIVETTI DC -MF2553


Another all in one printer, which has helpful print via network, USB or mobile device capabilities, this machine is able to print about 50 pages per minute. Although the system is purely monochrome, it is available at a great price, making this printer is excellent value for money.





  1. SHARP MX-2630N

SHARP MX-2630NAs an all in one printer is designed to save power while offering a high quality printing performance, this Sharp copier is well worth having in your office when you start up your small company.


This printer works fast, is multi-functional, has a nifty compact design making it perfect for small spaces, has a high paper load capacity and allows you to print stunning colour images.




  1. RICOH MP C2504


This is possibly one of the smallest printers out there but it should by no means be underestimated when it comes to the ability to print beautiful, detailed filled images at a fraction of the energy consumption that similar printers require. The copier printers 25 pages per minute, prints in both colour and black and white, and it can easily handle A4 and A3 pages.





  1. HP E77822DN

HP E77822DN

Ideal for printing in black and white as well as colour, this printer is capable of scanning and making copies. It features Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, making it quite flexible for open plan offices. It prints 22 pages per minute, which is quite fast and it features a fantastic LCD touchscreen, to make printing easier.




  1. TASKALFA 3253ci



One device that is sure to be preferred in the busy inner workings of a small office is the Taskalfa which is manufactured by Kyocera. This printer is a fully multifunctional one, guaranteed to boost productivity, and prints 32 pages a minute.





  1. MINOLTA C258


This all in one printer is superb for small businesses because it is multifunctional and it is fast. Price and functionality considered, this printer will be the perfect addition to a small business. This Minolta can print 25 pages a minute and can scan up to 160 pages a minute, making it the ideal system for a team that thrives on productivity.

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