The Evolution of Photocopier Machines

The evolution of photocopiers

The Evolution of Photocopier Machines

The Evolution of Photocopier Machines

Evolution of photocopier machines, also known as copiers.

Are one of the most sought-after office automation devices currently on the market. These machines are useful in offices, schools, homes, and universities too. Most companies working in this technological era are quickly realizing that a copier machine is a must-have device for their business to ensure efficient daily operations. But, have you ever taken some time to think about the evolution of this incredible machine? In this article, we will discuss the development of photocopier machines. You can find out everything you need to know about these machines by reading more below.


The History of Copiers


Copier machines have changed drastically since they were first introduced to the markets. Chester Carlson, the inventor of the copier, was a part-time researcher, inventor, and attorney.

His work required a lot of paperwork to be done. He wanted to find a solution to eliminating the time and effort he needed in order to produce a large number of copies at work. That is when he invented the first copier machine


Carlson tried to sell his invention but most companies turned him down because his invention was incomplete. At that time, copies were made using carbon copiers, and people needed an electronic machine A new copying process called Xerographic was being developed at this time too.


The copiers produced today are equipped with the latest digital technology and state-of-the-art mechanisms. But everything was inspired by the first copiers made by Carlson. You can buy small or industrial copiers almost anywhere in South Africa today. Nowadays, there are various styles and colours available too.


How Modern Technology Has Enhanced the Overall User-Experience of a Copier Machine


One of the advantages of copier machines is that they adapt well to technology. The copiers that are manufactured today come with a laser or inkjet printer. Many digital copiers also can run a quick scan and automatically email documents. they also come with a feature that allows the user to print many documents at once.


Traditional copiers started with an optical scanner that illuminates the original document from below. This light is then reflected off a photosensitive film belt or drum, charging electrons and producing a negative document in a manner similar to older film cameras. The paper is then passed over a drum that receives another electronic charge to produce the copied document.


What is important to mention here is that the documents that are copied using traditional photocopier machines are a negative duplicate of the original document. This results in a poor-quality copy compared to a copy produced from a modern copier machine.

Technology has come a long way since the invention of the first copier machine. Nevertheless, many companies are failing to make the leap to high-tech offices, primarily because of the high cost of purchasing new office equipment.


The most modern of these copiers are basically multifunction printers.

When it comes to the use of technology on photocopier machines, traditionally most photocopier manufactures were using xerography, a process that uses electrostatic charges created on a light photoreceptor to attract and transfer the toner from the paper. Xerox is the company that first started Xerographic in 1959.

As technology has developed over the years, copier machine manufacturers wanted to create a machine that is a bit simpler for their customers to use. This is when they started to manufacture multifunctional photocopier machines.


Some of the advantages of multifunctional copiers come from the features of this machine, this includes:

  • Two-sided printing
  • It allows the user to scan as many pages as they need with the help of a built-in auto feature.
  • These machines have the ability to sort the printed paper in the order they were printed.


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