Why you Should Consider Buying a Refurbished Copier

Benefits of purchasing a refurbished copier

Why you Should Consider Buying a Refurbished Copier

Why you should consider buying a refurbished copier


Can you imagine opening a business or running an office without a copier? True, copiers may not be first on your list when you start or run a business, but your day will be significantly longer, tedious, much more inconvenient, and even more expensive without your trusty copier.


The world is digitising at a scary pace and with it comes a vast array of options and choices when you buy digital devices to streamline your day. Investing in a copier for sale can be an eye-opening experience.


As you shop around, you may be overwhelmed by the different brands, specifications, prices, and applications. In your quest for the best product to suit your needs you may have come across the option of buying refurbished copiers, but need reassurance that your money will be well spent.


Buying a refurbished copier is a great choice as it will give you the same performance as a new copier but at less than the price. It will also make your office more eco-friendly and allow you to have a hand in reducing climate change and sustaining the environment.


Before we get to the specific advantages of refurbished copier rentals and shredder rentals, let’s recap what the difference is between a used copier and a refurbished copier. Refurbished copiers are units that have been overhauled and revamped by experts to perform the same tasks as new copiers. Used copiers are sold as they are. When a business sells a used copier, it comes with no guarantees and no reassurances of the maintenance and working condition of the unit. You will not know how hard the used copier had to work for its previous owner or what hammering it had to endure.

refurbished copier
Why you should consider buying a refurbished copier

Benefits of purchasing a refurbished copier


  1. You save costs


The main reason a business chooses to buy refurbished equipment as to new ones is that it saves money. In some cases and with some brands you could save up to 70% by purchasing a refurbished model rather than the same model brand new. Refurbished digital equipment is sure to stretch your funds in return for almost-new performance.


  1. More models to choose from


When buying a new copier, you are pretty much bound to what is still available on the market. By going the refurbished route you have access to a far wider range of makes and models, as well as parts and services. The bonus again is a like-new performance at an affordable price.


  1. Skilled technical support


Refurbished copiers have been reconditioned to industry standards by skilled and knowledgeable technicians. They know their product and many companies offer a service program for refurbished devices. They know the product has been upgraded with the best components by experienced and trained staff.


  1. Peace of mind


When you buy a refurbished copier you know that it is as good as new. You have far more information about your unit as compared to a used copier. A break-down in mid-production at month-end is the stuff of nightmares. You will rest easier knowing your equipment has been made almost new by people who know what they are doing.


  1. You save the environment


If you are serious about the sustainability of the environment and what you can do to look after the planet, buying a refurbished copier is your number one option. Our landfills are under tremendous strain with urbanisation and an exploding number of people populating the earth. According to the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa, e-waste makes up the fastest growing waste stream in the country. The country’s recycling rate for digital equipment currently fluctuates between 10 and 12%.


E-waste is extremely hard on landfills, not only due to the number of devices that are thrown away but also because of the slow breakdown of toxic and hazardous waste material at the waste site. According to a recent research study, many of these electronic devices contain toxic elements like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. When dumped in landfills, the e-waste releases metal contaminants that enter the country’s ‘soil-food pathways’ and waterways and so add a significant health threat to the people of our country.

In addition, some e-waste is disposed of by formal or informal incineration processes that cause dangerous toxins to be released into the air and have been associated with heart and lung diseases.

By re-using metal and other components in the refurbishment process, instead of virgin ore and other raw resources, manufacturers and users are contributing to combatting climate change.

If you buy a refurbished copier, you save money and time, have more options to choose from, and significantly contribute to the protection of and sustainable care for the world we live in.

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