Why you Should not use Cheap Ink

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Why you Should not use Cheap Ink

Why you Should not use Cheap Ink


When looking for a printer for your small business, selecting the one with the finest features at the lowest cost is often the simplest solution; but, deciding on the type of ink to use with that printer isn’t always so straightforward. When it comes to inks for your printer, you have a wide variety of alternatives, including inks that are the same brand as the machine itself, generic inks, and refillable possibilities. The performance of some inks is superior to that of others, with some inks lasting longer and consequently providing better value.

While no one likes to overpay for anything that may be obtained for a lower price elsewhere, it is vital to consider the reasons why this should not be your first and most obvious choice.

To make an effective ink purchase for your small business, it’s important to know what kind of printing you’ll be producing, how much quality you demand, and how big your printing tasks are. It is possible to get recycled ink from a variety of different companies. However, the quality of the ink and the inkjet heads can differ significantly.

Genuine cartridges are those manufactured by the printer manufacturer itself. If a printer maker has produced and endorsed a cartridge for a certain printer, the letters OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) may be applied to the cartridges. Manufacturers of non-OEM products, often known as third-party printer products, such as ink or toner cartridges, produce products that are not associated with a certain brand. In this article, we will let you know why you should not use cheap ink.


Concerns to take into account when buying third party ink cartridges


Colour inconsistencies


When printing using third-party printer ink, colour discrepancies are one of the most obvious signals that the quality has been compromised. Your prints may turn out to be satisfactory, but more often than not, they will fall short of your expectations based on how they seemed on the screen in the first place. Their output is often characterised by poor colour integrity and other issues. As a result, even though your graphics are clear and crisp on the screen, they may not turn out to be the same on paper.


Quality assurance


It is more cost-effective to purchase ink from the same company that makes your printer because you are getting a brand-new cartridge. No matter how bad the situation is, if the ink has dried out or is clogged in the cartridge you purchased, you will most likely be entitled to an exchange or refund from the firm that sold it. Third-party ink cartridges are more likely than not to overspray or produce fuzzy lines. The water-based pigments used instead of the oil-based inks used in OEM cartridges cause them to fade more quickly. They may initially appear to work without a hitch, but with time, they can even block the printer’s primer heads.


Environmental and health benefits


People around the world have become increasingly conscious of the importance of environmental accountability in recent years. If you’re a proponent of a more environmentally friendly globe, you’re probably concerned about the amount of plastic that printer ink cartridges feed into the environment.

You may think that refilled cartridges are a better option for environmental sustainability, but there is a downside. Purchasing genuine ink means you won’t have to replace your cartridges as often. The ink in your printer will dry up more quickly if you use a cheaper brand instead of a name-brand version. It is possible to get up to 25,000 pages out of a genuine ink cartridge before it needs to be replaced. In the fight against plastic waste in landfills and global warming, the long-lasting nature of these materials will reduce environmental waste.

Genuine ink also offers health benefits as compared to fake or cheap ink. Many the cheap ink cartridges release toxic substances into the environment, which can be harmful to your health. According to research, there is a safe level of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), styrene, and ink particles that has been determined for humans. These dangerous chemicals are emitted at alarmingly high levels in imitation inks, far exceeding the safety limit. The chemicals are toxic, and large amounts of them can have serious consequences on one’s health.


Paper jams and repairs


Your printer’s performance, reliability, and lifespan can be harmed by using imitation print cartridges. Non-genuine toners were shown to fail at a rate of up to 47% in tests done by a third-party research company. Using a third-party ink cartridge source carries a significant chance of malfunction. Genuine inkjet cartridges are typically backed by a warranty and are guaranteed to work with the specific printer model that they were designed for. If you don’t use branded printer consumables, your printer warranty may be invalid.


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